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The brand Vanabandhu Naturals is owned by Vanabandhu NRMS Pvt.Ltd, which is a social enterprise based at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Vanabandhu NRMS works for the conservation of natural resources and the upliftment of the marginal communities.

Vanabandhu Naturals brings you high quality, delicious and traditional food which are completely chemical free and natural to our valuable customers. All the products are prepared using ingredients cultivated or collected by farmers and gatherers belong to tribal and marginal communities living in the forest villages of India.

We follow sustainable harvesting practices and Eco-friendly processing techniques for the manufacturing of products. We are committed to protecting the planet by encouraging sustainable harvesting practices and following hygienic processing techniques for manufacturing and packing the products.

Our major products are Wild Honey, Millets, Amla Products, Bael Products, Mahua Produts and other Ayurvedic prophylatic medicines.

Meet the Team

We are more than proud to present to you our team. Talented, motivated and professionals who have a wealth of experience in the sustainable management of natural resources and the creation of livelihoods for rural and urban populations.

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